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SoClean are cleaning professionals that have over 25 years in the cleaning industry. Our team are fully trained and qualified, and work to the highest standard, with extra care taken to ensure your property is clean and secure when the job is done. We are reliable and efficient and carry out all work in a timely manner. With years of serving the Belfast and Lisburn communities, we have grown from strength to strength and our reputation is one of a service you can rely on.

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window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service includes windows cleaned with 100% purified water for a streak free finish, PVC frames cleaned, sills cleaned, cobweb removal, leaves windows polished and frames with a wax resin finish for outstanding shine and durability. We use the Reach & Wash pole system which eliminates the need for ladders, protects your privacy and speeds up cleaning time.

Prices Start From: £8+
fascia cleaning

PVC Fascia Cleaning

Are your PVC fascias and gutters are look dirty and tired? Our PVC Fascia Cleaning service includes dirt removal, cobweb removal, and leaves fascias and guttering with a wax resin finish for outstanding shine and durability. We use the Reach & Wash pole system which eliminates the need for ladders, protecting your gutters and fascias from being marked, and allows us to clean houses and buildings up to 5 stories high.

Prices Start From: £100+
gutter cleaning

Gutter Vac Cleaning

Blocked gutters can cause damp and mold in your home, especially during the autumn and winter months. Our industrial gutter vac sucks dirt, leaves, twigs and all debris from your gutters, leaving them free from blockage and improving water drainage. We can clean gutters on building up to 5 stories high from ground level, eliminating the need to hire expensive equipment like scaffolding or cherry pickers. For general home maintenance it is recommended that gutter cleaning should be done at least once a year.

Prices Start From: £30+
Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning

Over time the build-up of dirt and algae can leave your conservatory looking tired, dirty and dull. But even worse, it can cause long-term damage such as discolouration to UPVC, corrosion to metalwork and leaky seals. Our service will deep clean your conservatory cleaning windows, roofs, facias, sills, crestings, gutters and all other hard to reach places. We will leave your conservatory looking revitalized and protected for years to come.

Prices Start From: £80+
patio and driveway cleaning

Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Using industrial grade power hoses we can remove all dirt, stains, chewing gum, graffiti, algae, weeds and moss from your home or business property.  Whether it is a home patio or driveway, or a commercial walkway, power washing can bring any hard surface back to life and looking restored. We use Benz Softwash which deep cleans your hard surfaces killing all types of algae, lichen, fungi, moss and mold. Benz Softwash protects your surfaces for up to 1-5 years depending on the surface, environment and prevailing weather ensuring your surfaces stay clean all year long.

Prices Start From: £80+
wall cleaning

Wall Cleaning

Our wall cleaning service will remove all stains, graffiti, dirt and debris from your walls using Benz Softwash, instantly brightening up the look of your property or business. We then treat your walls with Benz Biocidal Wash which kills all biological growths such as algae, lichen, fungi, moss and mold, which is the main cause of red, black and green staining on walls and homes. Once both treatments have been applied to your walls and home they will not only be brighter and cleaner, but they will be protected from mold regrowth and discolouration for up to 1-5 years.

Prices Start From: £150+
solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Over time dirt, dust and debris can build up on Solar Panels, blocking sunlight and reducing their effectiveness and ability to generate electricity. We use the Reach & Wash pole system which eliminates the need for ladders, protecting your gutters and fascias from being marked. It also stops roof tiles being cracked or damaged as no-one will be on the roof. The pole system allows us to clean Solar Panels from ground level up to a max height of 4 stories high.

Prices Start From: £30+

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